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​All of our plans include 12 weeks of lectures from Tom Scotto, Gene Nacey, and experts from all over the U.S. flown in to share their expertise.  All of the lecture faculty for Winter Training did both lecture and rides with the exception of our Nutrition expert .  These samples are much longer than the previews as they attempt to provide a broad overview of the various presetnters and on-bike instructors.  There is so much variety contained in these 12 weeks of lectures, rides and cross training that you will literally be able to do them for years and years before they become "old".

Sally Edwards, Founder of Hearts Zones USA

Sally Edwards, MA, MBA is one of America's leading experts in business, exercise science, and lifestyle living.  She is a bestselling author with more than 26 books and 500 articles on health and fitness.

Sally is a former professional triathlete — a 16-time Ironman finisher, Race Across America (RAAM) team winner, past winner of the ultra-marathon, one-hundred-mile Western States Endurance Run, and has been inducted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame.

Sally has set the standard for cardiovascular training (CVT) with the patented Heart Zones® Training system that will power your base training.


Leslie J. Bonci, MPH,RD,CSSD, LDN - Nutritionist

Leslie is the past director of sports medicine nutrition for the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the Center for Sports Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

She serves as nutrition consultant for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Leslie was a national media spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. She serves on the editorial advisory board of Fitness magazine and she is the co-author of Total Fitness for Women, Run Your Butt Off, Bike Your Butt Off and Walk Your Butt Off .

Tom Scotto,

Tom is a Level 2 certified USA Cycling coach and competitive cyclist who works with athletes and teams of all levels and continues to compete in events around the New England area.


He is a passionate educator and presenter in the health and fitness industry, teaching cycling-related workshops on threshold training, biomechanics, core conditioning, muscle fascia release and indoor cycling instructor certification.

Gene Nacey, Founder & Past Chief Cycling Officer

Gene Nacey, MPH is the founder of Cycling Fusion, an elite level certified USA Cycling coach and former Entrepreneur of the Year.  


Gene's (Coach Gino) technology background has led to four separate mobile apps, including Class Builder and Ride Buddy and he created the first website for managing Heart Zones® training load, and built the first streaming library of cycling videos.  

Since leaving Cycling Fusion, Gene has put all of his efforts into the iClass Builder project in the hopes of again revolutionalizing the industry.

Pre-Recorded Ride Sample

Ride Anchor
Lindsay Heilman, Yoga

Lindsay teaches at a number of Yoga studios around the city & suburbs of Pittsburgh, and has been with Global Ride Productions since its inception, providing the perfect 30 minute workout for our early Hawaii DVD Series. 

Leslie Mueller, Body / Posture Alignment

Leslie focuses on optimal performance and injury prevention for cyclists, runners and triathletes.  


Leslie has been teaching health and fitness for over 20 years. Leslie's personal challenges with knee and hip pain led her to explore therapeutic exercise thoroughly.  


After addressing her alignment, she returned to running and triathlons.  At the age of 40, she qualified for the 2009 Sprint Triathlon World Championships placing in the top ten of her division and running faster than her best college stand alone 5k time.

Cross Training Sample

Cross Training Anchor
Laura Greeley, Pilates

Dr. Laura Greeley  graduated with honors from New York Chiropractic College.   Certified Pilates Instructor for many local studios, gyms and health facilities.

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