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Our complete program including the training plans, detailed rides, playlists and necessary forms. No internet streaming involved, the 2021 and prior videos are all saved on the external hard drive. Additionally, a complete copy of the best rides (one per week) from our past  Base Training years. All comes on an external drive including lectures, rides and forms and is licensed for use with your customers and/or members.


PLEASE NOTE: Full 2022 plan and all of the details will be available late-December 2021.

2022 Studio Base Training on an External HD

$450.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price
  • You have 30 days in which to return a defective product for a full replacement.

  • FREE for Domestic (continental United States)!  We charge a flat $35 for international shipments. All drives are shipped USPS Priority Mail.

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