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Sally Edwards - 2 year winter training participant
For the past few years, we have been hosting Winter Training at our indoor cycling gym in Sacramento, California. Some love it because they can see the data - the numbers that they are getting fitter. Some love it because they love the engagement - it's entertaining, it's fun, it features great education, it's video, using the apps it collects the data and posts to my journal. But, overall, it's loved because Cycling Fusion's CEO Gene Nacey put on a great "show" with music, variety, the latest and newest, and it's different. Yeah, let's fund it so Cycling Fusion can offer it to the global riders, everyone who wants to bike, elliptical, run, do cardio a new and better way.

Andrew (UK) - 1st studio in the UK to will host Winter Training
For me I would love to offer to my club as an awesome alternative to the current classes. The visuals are awesome, the real coaching from the bike to the rider as though they are in the ride group is beyond realistic - you could not beat it if you were in the ride group. The controlled intensity as you pick up things through the programme and the support looks amazing.

The instructors and clear training sessions noted on screen are excellent.There really is not much more I could ask for ! I'm so excited you are going in this direction!

Michael - 3 year winter training participant
Sure. I found winter training very beneficial and would miss it. I would even pay to have access to the bike portions of the previous years winter training. The ability to access the videos on demand was a real plus. It was easier than being on a schedule.

Jim - 2 year winter training participant
Thanks, Winter Training helped advance me to take 10 hours of my PBP time in 2011 and to RAAM qualify in 2013. This year, I am still leveraging my spring fitness as I ride only 1 or 2 days a month, but most of them are ultras.

Jacqueline - 3 year winter training participant
I think this is a fantastic concept and whether you offer it for free or charge, I think modifying the program to 8 weeks, without the cross training and shorter riding times, will encourage more riders to participate. I fully intend to offer it again this coming year.

David - 4 year winter training participant
You can't stop, I depend on you to keep me going, and my family depends on you for stocking stuffers for the holidays. You've got my wife's email as she's been doing the ordering, but add me to the list. Let me know what I can do to help, I'm on the exec board of my club. I've been using your training rides for the last couple years to get ready for my own trips to Europe and I love it when we go to the same places.

Terri - 4 year winter training participant
I have trained to ride a century, do my first competitive race, and rehab a broken leg after 2 surgeries. In May 2012 I had my fourth surgery and unfortunately developed sensory nerve damage in my lower leg. As soon as I was able I strapped on my heart rate monitor and got on my keiser bike, my goal was to get my heart rate in zone 2 and make the most of it not just pedal for motion.

Due to this low heart zone training i just recently rode 75 miles with an average heart rate in high zone 2. I honestly did not think it was possible when Gene would tell me I should century in a low zone. I ended the ride pain free and feeling like I could've completed a century. I am 100% sure that I would not have been able to complete the ride as comfortably as I did without Cycling Fusion's Winter Training. The knowledge I gained regarding heart zones and cadence, speed, and form made my come back ride a victorious one.

Caleb - 4 year winter training participant
Here is why I need winter training! It's the best way to kick of your riding season, Winter Training!! Get ahead of the pack especially at the early season races. I use the training to get ready for my early season races like Tour of the Battenkill, without it I wouldn't have the focus to get into race shape through the tough cold winter months. The instruction, videos, tools, and comradery make riding indoors fun and beneficial.

Lisa - 2 year winter training participant
I know I am not a typical person that has utilized winter training . But , if my experience can help you in any way please feel free to use my comments!! Winter training is not just for the hard core competitive cyclist ... I am proof of that! I'm a middle aged mother of three busy teenagers and I'm just trying to stay fit. Winter training can be for anyone at any fitness level! You are on your bike completing the same workouts as te seasoned athletes but at your own individual level! It's a great way to have a personalized group work out in a positive supportive environment !!

Jason - 2 year winter training participant 
I started traditional indoor spinning about 3 years ago. That lead to a desire to ride outdoors and learn more about cycling as an athletic sport. With so many confusing sources to get facts from I wasn't sure where to start. Our local spinning group offered your Winter Training and after my first demo class I knew this was what I needed. Six months later I rode my first 62 mike Tour de Cure with power and was amazed at what I had achieved in such a short period. Thank you for pulling together only the best of resources to help us become better athletes!

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